Snooker Charge with Table Lighting Control Management System

"EBSPOS" Snooker with Table Light Control Management System is designed for the table charges and management of Billiard operation, monitoring the table status, the table light control, table charges calculation automatically, selling products control and VIP / Membership management which can handle the discount, points and pre-payment. The system can minimize the manpower and increase the sales and profit for your business.

"EBSPOS" use a computer control box to control the table light on and off. Easy operation and backup facility, such as dual computer control boxes will be installed, even one of the computer control box is out of order, the another one computer control box will be worked automatically. Also if the system is out of control, the computer control box can be operated manually and the manual data can be transferred automatically when the system recovered.

The Head Quarters can collect the sales information and maintain the system by remote control via the Boardband Network. It lets you monitor your outlets¡¦ business activity at anytime and anywhere.